Lung Support 30 Capsules



Our lungs are one of the most critically important organs in the body. They provide life-sustaining oxygen and keep all your other organs functioning.  Genetics, disease, the environment and a pandemic like covid-19 can negatively affect your lung health significantly.  Science and innovation are once again changing the health space, by bringing products to the market that have the potential to become a game-changer for many people.

Annique’s new Lung Support supplement is no exception. We have partnered with world-renowned Afriplex, who have become pioneers in botanical extracts.   They have formulated a groundbreaking natural lung support ingredient, CORAC-Q, that Annique has included in our new Lung Support supplement.

What is it?

The new Forever Healthy Lung Support supplement contains CORAC-Q, a unique, concentrated botanical extract.  This proprietary, pioneering formula contains natural plant-based ingredients which have come from taking inspiration from green Rooibos providing two antioxidants naturally found in the plant namely aspalathin, quercetin, and added zinc and vitamin D.

This proprietary blend uses the latest extraction technology and is designed to naturally and effectively help promote respiratory health.    Backed by scientific research the combination, of these components may exert antiviral and immune-stimulating effects, thereby assisting in immune function and respiratory health.

CORAC-Q is a natural alternative to respiratory health. It assists in the prevention of viral infections.


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