Ever wanted to have your own business?

Have you ever felt that you’re not really living your life to the fullest? Or that you have no freedom to work the hours you want and get rewarded for the effort you make?The solution is to become an Annique Rooibos Independent Consultant.
At Annique Rooibos you are offered a chance to realise your dreams in a company that creates life-changing opportunities and successes and truly cares about people. With the ongoing support of Annique Home Office and your promoter, YOU can own your own business, EARN an income, be financially independent and spend more quality time with your family.

Annique Rooibos provides the means of creating a personal vision for a better lifestyle in every aspect from health, knowledge, education, personal growth and family welfare. Combined with its UNIQUE truly South African product range and exceptional compensation plan, Annique Rooibos offers ANYONE the opportunity to LIVE THEIR DREAM of owning their own business.

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Discover how to turn products that women and men love into extra income.
The Annique Rooibos business opportunity offers you an unlimited income and a career full of fun, excitement and rewards! Our uniqueness is demonstrated through our generous profit plan and our scientific Rooibos products. At Annique Rooibos, professional distributor leaders thrive, inspiring and empowering others. Consultants say their lives are better today because they joined Annique Rooibos.
We are committed to providing the best opportunity and quality products to make your dreams a reality.

Join Annique!

~ Help others look and feel great
~ Have fun while earning a significant income
~ Be recognised and rewarded for your efforts
~ Qualify for free trips to exotic destinations and much more
~ See results with the products
~ Save for retirement
~ Buy a new car
~ Fund your children’s education
~ Earn 20 – 40% discount on your personal sales
~ Earn additional discount on group sales
~ Flexi-time to suit your lifestyle
~ Entertaining and exciting training events
~ Opportunity to develop a successful career and a business with a value
~ Fun, flexibility and freedom