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Its about Image – Your image says a lot about you!

By dressing in a style that you are comfortable with you can project a more positive and confident image that people feel relaxed with.

This does not need to be a new wardrobe but can quite simply include some of the following style tips:

  • Colors – Choose colors that suite you,that you love to wear and make sure that they mix and match with your existing wardrobe(Do you know what colors will best suite you?)
  • Fabrics – Choose quality fabrics ones that will make you feel comfortable and amazing.
  • Accessorize – Always Accessorize by adding a scarf, belt or bag. You can uplift an outfit and change its complete look.
  • Sense – Always listen to your sense of style dont be a slave to fashion go with what works for YOU. (Do you know your personality dress style?)
  • Impulsive – Dont fall into the impulsive shopping category, rather think about your potential purchase and be clear if this matches your color season, figure and personality style before you swipe that card.